n-ICE M800

Dedicated to small and medium size ice rinks with surface up to 800m²

n-ICE M1200

Dedicated to medium size ice rinks with surface up to 1200m²

n-ICE M1800 Eagle

Dedicated to professional sports ice rinks with surface of 1800m²


To understand fully what it is to invest in a "complete ice rink" is of crucial importance for the proper operation of the facility and full satisfaction of its users and the investor - indeed, it is not just not enough to freeze some water and call it an ice rink. The proper infrastructure must be provided and, most importantly, the ice rink must have a resurfacer. You can't successfully persuade people to come to your ice rink, without maintaining the surface in top notch condition, thus ensuring the skaters are both safe and happy. The ice rink's surface may become uneven and cracked with intensive use or due to rain or snow, and may consequently pose a risk to the skaters. This applies equally to professional, sport ice rinks and ice rinks for leisure or fun, alike.

The ice rink's surface must be well maintained in all cases. The surface condition is restored during technical breaks, when a resurfacer removes the snow and debris, smoothes out the surface and fills the uneven ice with water. Regular maintenance is needed to keep the ice surface in ideal condition and to guarantee that its thickness is optimal.
About us

The n-ICE Group's Modern Solutions

The n-ICE resurfacer, in production since 2010, is a modern design and an answer to the growing market for professional ice resurfacers at affordable prices. Assembly line of machines is located in Chojęcin-Szum. The Production of components, frameworks and components for "n-ICE" is carried out by mechanical plant in Nowa Wies Ks. (10 km from Chojęcin-Szum). The company is proud of having large R&D department, own prototyping and tooling shops. There is a large selection of conventional and CNC controlled machine tools, modern welding hall with many manual and robotic stations , powder coating facility and innovative thermodiffusion zink coating within the business. Fantastic strength to the business give well educated and experienced staff. During final designing of the n-ICE machine results from comprehensive testing of the prototype over 2009-2010 were used. The n-ICE Group is one of the most dynamic European companies in the business of equipping ice rinks. Currently, the n-ICE Group produces n-ICE M800, n- ICE M1200 and M1800 Eagle ice resurfacers. Thanks to new technology used in the ice resurfacers n-ICE, the machines are extremely economical to run and simple to operate.