Service and leasing


The company n-ICE Group Sp. z o.o. conducts regular equipment inspections and routine repairs.

The machines are serviced not only at company-owned locations but primarily in the field. This is made possible through our service fleet, which enables us to reach customers 24/7.

As the manufacturer's service, we have a full range of spare parts available directly from our warehouses, without the need to wait for deliveries.

n-ICE Premium Care, is a benefits package that allows for maintaining the machine in optimal technical condition as part of previously paid mandatory inspections (labor, original spare parts, and consumables, following the service plan). Purchasing the package ensures machine repair and servicing in accordance with mandatory warranty inspections without incurring additional costs and the risk of losing warranty entitlements.

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We assist in handling all leasing formalities. The main benefits of leasing include:

Simplified procedures, much simpler than obtaining a bank loan

Access to modern technologies without tying up your own capital

High flexibility in financing investments

The potential for reducing tax liabilities

Improved financial liquidity of the company

Reduced transaction risk leading to lower financial costs