Technical parameters M400

n-ICE M400

Drive type:
A tractor pulled ice resurfacer (trailer, without its own drive).
The M400 model is a tractor-pulled machine that performs the basic functions of self-propelled ice resurfacers (with its own drive). It is attached to a tractor using a three-point suspension system compliant with ISO 730, Class 1.

By cutting ice, collecting snow into the tank and distributing the appropriate amount of water, one person can prepare a small ice rink (up to 400 m2 in surface area). Stepless, mechanical control of the trailer's functions, i.e. the depth of ice cutting and the amount of water spilled, is carried out from the ergonomic position of the tractor driver. From this position, the filling level of the snow tank and the water level in the tanks are visible. The hydraulic system is connected to the ractor using quick connectors, which shortens the time needed to prepare the machine for work.

Parameters and standard equipment:

  • Snow tank capacity: 0,4 m3
  • Water tank capacity: 190 L
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 1030 mm / 1440 mm / 1160 mm
  • Weight: 390 kg
  • Working depth: 0 mm - 3 mm
  • Cutting blade integrated into the machine with a width of 134 cm
  • Manual depth control system holding the blade in the desired
  • Water spreading cloth
  • Two hydraulic motors driving the screw conveyors
  • Polypropylene, glass fiber-reinforced water distribution pipe
  • User manual with workplace safety regulations, service book, spare
    parts catalog