Technical parameters N-ICE Edger


Milling system drive:

gasoline / LPG

Power: 5,1 kW
Engine displacement: 190 cm3
Engine torque: 11.6 Nm at 2600 rpm. (SAE J1940)

The ice milling machine (edger) is a device that will not replace the ice resurfacing machine – but complements it perfectly. The edger allows for cutting and leveling the ice in hard-to-reach area, such as the surfaces near the boards and corners of the ice rink.

The milling system features two carbide-tipped plates with very high hardness, with each plate having 8 cutting edges. The milling plates are replaceable, which significantly increases user convenience and reduces machine operating costs. Specially designed sliders, each with 4 sharp edges, allow for better control of the machine on the ice surface.

As an additional option, you can order the machine with a 9W or 21W LED lamp, which will provide focused illumination for the milling area.

Parameters and standard equipment:

  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.1 L
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Safety brake
  • Independent transport system
  • 10Ah gel battery
  • Milling unit with replaceable metal carbide inserts
  • Adjustment of the milling unit's working position
  • Cast iron cylindrical sleeve
  • Reinforced 25mm shaft with a keyway
  • Engine with starter
  • Continuously adjustable cutting depth